Stocks fall

European stocks slide European stocks fell Friday as German industrial production slumped. Investors were also waiting for U.S. jobs data due for release Friday at: 13:30 GMT. The coronavirus concern remains high! Industrial data readings German industrial production came in far worse than expected, with a 3.5% drop in DecemberRead More →

World Economic Forum

U.S. President Donald Trump yesterday used the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos to remind us of his success! Trump used the ‘global’ economic platform – (WEF) – to tout trade deals for U.S. Inc. and schmooze the business world elite to place his America first message back in theRead More →

US and Iran conflict

Missile strikes Iran’s retaliation for the killing of its top military general came overnight as a number of missiles struck two U.S. bases in Iraq. Early reports appear to suggest that there were no casualties. President Trump tweeted, ‘All is Well!’ Oil prices increased as equities fell. Asian stocks pulledRead More →

Stock Market

Before Friday, U.S stock markets were still in a very bullish mood after stellar gains in 2019. After a recent number of positive data sets such as good employment, good company reports, revised GDP (up) and the Fed’s helping hand, markets remained extremely bullish. The FOMO brigade took over pushingRead More →