Stock grind higher

Stocks up – shrug of coronavirus Stocks yet again set new records ignoring the potential threat of the coronavirus – (COVID-19). Despite the worrying number o uncertainties the virus brings with it, and there are many, stocks climb ever higher! This may be for a number of reasons:- Central banksRead More →

U.S. Bull Market

Just the slightest hint of positive news is all it takes to push markets up, especially in the U.S. Global growth worries? For all the understandable worries about the impact of the coronavirus – global growth outlook has been improving, monetary policies remain fluid and the U.S. earnings season, soRead More →

Mask up against virus

Global futures surge and European stocks climb on reports from China of a new treatment for the coronavirus Coronavirus treatment? Unconfirmed report China Global Television Network (CGTN) – covering a report from China’s Changjiang daily, note researchers are reported to have discovered that a combination of two drugs, as aRead More →

U.S. - China trade tariffs

Market moving daily news roundup – events & news likely to move markets 7th August 2019 Company performance, economic and political events but especially market sentiment will always influence market movement, good or bad. This post is ongoing Market moving news roundup, 7th August 2019 Summary The U.S. – ChinaRead More →