Strange times – have U.S. markets gone mad?

Financial bubble

Disconnected from reality? Are elevated prices in U.S. markets showing a disconnect from reality? Is the free flowing Federal Reserve liquidity too easily available? Are central banks too eager to please? Are central bank fearful of failure? Do they really need to step in every time economies face a problem? Should markets work it out without so much central bank intervention or interference? Do we now have too much debt, again and… have we built a new bubble – the mother of all bubbles? Bubble busters Take the COVID-19 coronavirus…

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Stocks surge again to set new record highs in shadow of coronavirus (COVID-19), 12th February 2020

Stock grind higher

Stocks up – shrug of coronavirus Stocks yet again set new records ignoring the potential threat of the coronavirus – (COVID-19). Despite the worrying number o uncertainties the virus brings with it, and there are many, stocks climb ever higher! This may be for a number of reasons:- Central banks preparedness to act and prop up economies using interest rate cuts and monetary stimulus is never far away – it’s as if there is nothing to fear. Good news – bad news, bad news, good news. Never fear, a central…

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Markets march on regardless

U.S. Bull Market

Just the slightest hint of positive news is all it takes to push markets up, especially in the U.S. Global growth worries? For all the understandable worries about the impact of the coronavirus – global growth outlook has been improving, monetary policies remain fluid and the U.S. earnings season, so far, has produced mainly positive results. As markets recovered losses from the fall on Friday and then stabilised – the coronavirus related vaccine news and details of new drug treatments triggered another upward lurch across global markets, highlighting the low…

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European stock markets climb, U.S. and global futures surge on reports of new coronavirus treatment

Mask up against virus

Global futures surge and European stocks climb on reports from China of a new treatment for the coronavirus Coronavirus treatment? Unconfirmed report China Global Television Network (CGTN) – covering a report from China’s Changjiang daily, note researchers are reported to have discovered that a combination of two drugs, as a treatment, is more effective in the fight against the coronavirus than previous treatments. Breakthrough? In another update it has been reported that progress has been made in the U.K. on creating a vaccine. A breakthrough that may allow a dramatic…

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China coronavirus fears mount as stocks tumble

China stocks fall

Chinese stocks sink 8% on first day of trading since 23rd January, amidst coronavirus scare Sharp drop but not shocking! Investor’s fears were realised after traders returned to their desks after an extended holiday period. Chinese officials attempted to allay panic selling before trading resumed by injecting liquidity into the money markets. On Sunday 2nd January 2020 – the Peoples Bank of China unveiled plans to add 150 billion yuan into the banking system to help fight against the affect the coronavirus may have on the markets. To add more…

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Global stocks recover lost ground – despite mounting coronavirus fears

Stock Markets

Stocks rebound Global stocks recover lost ground after falling on Monday 27th January 2020. European stocks pick up The FTSE 100 closed Monday at: 7412 down 174 points but picked up Tuesday by 77 points to close at: 7481. Germany’s Dax dropped Monday by 372 points to close at down: 13205 but re-gained 119 points Tuesday to close up at: 13324 Dow rebounds The Dow dropped 454 points on Monday but recovered 250 points in early trade Tuesday 28th January. S&P 500 and Nasdaq also recovered from Monday losses in…

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Global stocks rocked as coronavirus spreads

Stocks fall

Stock markets fall Asian stocks drop as mounting concerns of the coronavirus take hold and investors fret over the potential harm to global economies. Markets around the world fell sharply on Monday. Japan’s Nikkei index fell by 2%. The FTSE 100 was down by 1.75%. European indices also suffer big falls. Germany’s Dax was down by 2% as at 14:30 GMT. Stock markets in China are closed for the New Year holiday period – reports suggest they will remain closed until February. Futures show big falls. Dow opens down some…

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Asian stock markets fall on coronavirus fear

China stock market

Asian stocks have fallen as investors grow concerned that the spread of a new virus in China will impact economic growth. Beginning Thursday all public transportation was suspended in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the outbreak is believed to have started. Asian stocks drop The Shanghai composite fell 2.75% to around 2,976. The Shenzhen component dropped 3.50% to close at 10682. The Shenzhen composite also declined 3.45% to close at around 1757 Hong Kong’s Hang Seng index fell around 1.90% and the Japan’s Nikkei 225 fell 0.98% to close…

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Market moving daily news roundup 7th August 2019 – China’s weakening currency

U.S. - China trade tariffs

Market moving daily news roundup – events & news likely to move markets 7th August 2019 Company performance, economic and political events but especially market sentiment will always influence market movement, good or bad. This post is ongoing Market moving news roundup, 7th August 2019 Summary The U.S. – China trade war continues to cast shadows over global markets. China’s currency China sets yuan rate at slightly below $7.00. The yuan has been weakening recently as the trade war between the U.S. and China intensified. The yuan’s level against the…

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