Is the Dot-com problem of 1999 repeating itself?

Financial bubble

Pure speculation Dot-com companies were all the rage in the late 1990’s with the internet the new kid on the block. Speculative investing was rife and led a 400% climb in the U.S. Nasdaq between 1995 and 2000. By October 2002, it had collapsed by almost 80% from its peak. Nasdaq valuation tripled Since 2016 the Nasdaq has nearly tripled in value, with the market values of several large cap tech stocks, such as Amazon, Google and Facebook all passing the $1 trillion valuation. Microsoft and Apple are currently worth more than $2 trillion each. Now, excessive valuations…

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Share watch – Centrica Plc

Is it time to buy Centrica Plc? Centrica’s share price has been utterly battered, plunging from happy day highs of around 400 pence to sad lows of today at just 69 pence. Has all the bad news been priced in? Is now a good time to buy Centrica? All the bad news Salary pay for the boss increased by 44% in April 2019 – that’s 72 times that of a Centrica employee. Surely not a good move for a failing company. At the very least, a salary increase should be…

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