Markets move down!

Stocks fall

Pressure appears to be building as the stock market bull run falters. Major indices have given up gains and moved away from lofty highs. The DOW, S&P 500 and Nasdaq all closed down – each losing around 1% on Wednesday, 18th August 2021. The FTSE 100 and DAX, Nikkei and Hang-Seng all lost ground too. U.S. markets down U.S. markets % change Value Change Dow Jones – closed at -1.08% 34960 -383 Nasdaq – closed at -0.89% 14526 -130 S&P 50 – closed at -1.07% 4400 -48 U.S. Markets closed…

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One minute the virus isn’t a problem, when it is – then it is a problem, when it isn’t! What the hell? (As far as the stock market is concerned)


Stocks tumble on delta variant fears Stock markets took a hit Monday 19th July 2021, as the headlines read, ‘Dow tumbles 900 points on concern of a Covid rebound‘. Is Covid entirely to blame for this fall? No, not entirely. Fickle highs? So, why now, after all – the virus hasn’t bothered stocks since the massive fall in March 2020 – as stock momentum and economic recovery went into overdrive and pushed the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq to new record highs. U.S. stocks fell aggressively Monday on concern a…

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Is there a hidden fear lurking behind the scenes in the U.S. stock market?


Despite S&P 500 and Nasdaq record highs – is there a worry the market is due a correction? Looking at the recent records for the S&P 500 and Nasdaq you’d think all is good. Inflation fears have eased, economic indicators are strengthening and the Federal Reserve remains extremely supportive. But if you look past the market cream topping you’ll likely find a growing sense of concern. The market is very frothy, in my opinion. Risk off? Investors are taking risk off the table as a new coronavirus variant causes fresh outbreaks in…

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Is this the ultimate market influencer?


When does a social media comment influence the market? Probably when Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla posts a tweet So…what happened? Tesla buys Bitcoin with a reported $1.5 billion investment adding it to the company balance sheet. Elon Musk posts a tweet and Bitcoin surges even higher from its already lofty elevation. It holds for a day or two then falls back dramatically following another tweet from Musk only this time the tweet suggesting the Bitcoin value is too high! Bitcoin then basically crashes from an all time high…

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Markets appear unfazed as coronavirus cases surge…


Cases increase Coronavirus cases are reported to have surged in Brazil, U.S. and India, and increase again in Germany. Investors appear to be unfazed by this as they attempt shake off concerns and focus on the ‘expected’ economic recovery. Worldwide, governments continue to move ahead with the re-oping of their respective economies. A surge in coronavirus cases was recorded in the U.S., Brazil and India. Germany has seen its ‘R’ rate rise to 2.88 over the weekend – that means for every 100 people who contract the disease – a further…

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Markets and the ‘real’ economy are out of whack

Invest or guess

Is this a good time to invest in stocks? Probably not. The dislocation between markets and the real economy is, in my opinion, unsustainable. Extremely powerful monetary policies and stimulus measure put in place by central banks and governments to protect the ‘economy’, have given the green light for markets to go crazy! The markets are a-wash with money. But investing now will likely become a mistake. How can you fail? Throwing a dart at a random list of stocks will likely give you a winner in this market! This…

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Sell in May – stay away, how did the month of May shape up?

Stock markets up

We all know the old adage, ‘sell in May and stay away‘, and there is some truth to it – but not for this May it would appear. Many indices saw good gains. So where now in June? Stocks closed out the month with good gains across the board, building on very healthy gains in April. The Dow and S&P 500 both rose more than 4% while the Nasdaq was up nearly 7%., with the Dax up just under 7% for the month. Indices gain in May The Dow opened…

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Markets upward trend continues, for now?

Stocks and Shares

Good news UK and U.S. markets were closed Monday 25th June 2020 – but that didn’t stop European markets roaring ahead yesterday. There are a number of positives for markets to be happy about right now. England is to re-open non-essential shops by mid June. European countries are easing their lockdown measures. Spain is looking to resurrect their holiday season this summer by ending quarantine of arrivals by 1st July. Germany’s Ifo business survey indicated ‘things’ are likely better than thought, and this despite entering recession. The death rate in…

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Stocks surge on reported coronavirus vaccine progress

Coronavirus vaccine

Vaccine progress As economies struggle to re-open around the globe and as the Fed said that they have more ammunition to fight the virus, came more good news of vaccine progress. Moderna Inc., a U.S. company, announced yesterday that human trials of its coronavirus vaccine showed good progress in all participants involved in the study. This positive news report pushed markets up and they continued to climb all day yesterday, 18th May 2020. UK vaccines There are vaccine plans progressing in the UK too. Oxford University vaccine clinical trials are…

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Stranger times

Market crash

On the 14th February I posted an article entitled, ‘Strange times – have U.S. markets gone mad’? Strange times – have U.S. markets gone mad? Shortly after that post, this happened… By the third week in February 2020 U.S. markets were holding up at all time highs and on the 12th February the Dow climbed above 29500 for the first time, fast chasing 30000. Euphoric highs The U.S. markets were screaming up – flying high on rocket fuelled steroids! I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing, especially so with…

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