Accusations It is widely reported that the SEC (Securities & Exchanges Commission) – accuses Ripple, CEO Brad Garlinghouse and co-founder Chris Larsen of breaching U.S. securities laws by selling XRP without first registering it with the regulator. Ripple contests the SEC’s allegations, maintaining the view that XRP should be consideredRead More →

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Hashrate drops More than 54% of bitcoin’s hashrate, which is the collective computing power of miners worldwide, has dropped off the network since its peak in May. The Bitcoin code has re-calibrated to make it approximately 28% less difficult to mine. Miners who are still plugged into the network standRead More →

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Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency criticised at Senate hearing Facebook’s new cryptocurrency plan has come under attack at a U.S. Senate hearing. Politicians are calling the company ‘delusional’ and untrustworthy. The Senate officials had been grilling Facebook executive David Marcus over the tech giant’s intention to launch its own digital currency. FacebookRead More →

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Bitcoin trading ban? The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) wants to stop retail customers from buying financial instruments that are tied to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The value of cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile, which could potentially leave traders who invest in derivatives of crypto currencies with significant losses. Financial ConductRead More →

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Bitcoin cryptocurrency volatility update Bitcoin volatility continues. The cryptocurrency fell to a low of around $9,800.00 on Tuesday (2nd. July 2019), that’s approximately a $4,400 drop from its most recent high of $14,200 (26th. June 2019). Bitcoin started its plummet on Wednesday, crashing nearly $2,000 in minutes as a problemRead More →