The invincible index

Dow record high

Or should that be indices U.S. stocks have shown remarkable resilience in recent years. All rise They have all climbed ever higher, breaking new records despite many uncertainties circling the U.S. economy such as, Trump’s impeachment, allegations of election shenanigans, allegations of model payoffs, recessionary fears, inverted yield curves, drone attacks and an Iranian missile attack and even Brexit – the markets just shrug it all off and keep on climbing. Clearly the Fed’s ultra cheap money has dramatically assisted the rise, especially after the policy pivot of 2019. U.S.…

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Is this an omen for the next financial crisis?

Bank liquidity

It has been reported recently that the U.S. Federal Reserve is pumping billions of dollars into money markets and that we apparently have nothing to worry about? Bank liquidity Do you remember twelve years ago when the first financial crisis cracks started to emerge? One of them being a shortage of cash in the money markets (liquidity), where banks and financial institutions lend to each other. Credit crunch Do you also remember phrases in the news at the time leading up to the crisis like, ‘credit crunch’ and ‘subprime lending’?…

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Facebook ‘face-off’ with U.S. Senate, Cryptocurrency plan, AI and poker?

Digital currency

Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency criticised at Senate hearing Facebook’s new cryptocurrency plan has come under attack at a U.S. Senate hearing. Politicians are calling the company ‘delusional’ and untrustworthy. The Senate officials had been grilling Facebook executive David Marcus over the tech giant’s intention to launch its own digital currency. Facebook was told to clean up its act before launching a new business model. The U.S. President, Federal Reserve Chair, Bank of England Governor, and France’s finance minister have spoken up against the idea. They are not fans of Facebook’s new…

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Savings account, best 1 and 3 year fixed UK deals, familiar name account

Best ‘name you will know‘ savings account (others are available) Please note… The information provided here is an opinion. It is NOT a recommendation and we DO NOT receive payments or ‘referral fees’ from the company in question – no affiliation. Just so you know. This information was generated on 16th. July 2019 and correct as of then. Please also be sure to check this section for any new posts after this date. Better deals may follow, or this deal may end. Interest rates Current interest rates on savings accounts…

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Alan Turing to be face of BoE new £50 note

Recognition Codebreaker and computer pioneer, Alan Turing will feature on the new design of the Bank of England’s £50 note. He is well known for his code-breaking work that proved vital to the Allies in World War Two. The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney said, ‘As the father of computer science and artificial intelligence, as well as war hero, Alan Turing’s contributions were far ranging and path breaking. Turing is a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand.’ Honour It isn’t before time that this remarkable man was…

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Financial freedom, first get rid of credit card debt

There is no quick fix to debt I’ve been there. I’ve lived it. I hate it. I never want to go back there again. Debt can spiral out of control, taking you down to the darkest depths of despair. It slowly eats away at your life! Don’t let it! You can beat it! You CAN be happy again! Debt – how to get rid of bad debt and make yourself happy again. You can do this. First thing first: Talk to someone, you’re not on your own. Make a budget…

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Sterling sinks, FTSE 100 rises, gold up


Sterling The value of sterling slipped Wednesday 3rd. July 2019 after the Bank of England warned that a global trade war and a no-deal Brexit were growing risks to the UK’s economy and may require a response. FTSE 100 The FTSE pushed up to touch 7620 in intra-day trading as investors enjoyed the idea of a possible Bank of England rate cut. Investors will closely watch the news for any hint of an imminent rate cut as they combine this news with the gloomy service sector data released earlier today…

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Bitcoin falls below $10,000 after bursting through $14,000

Digital Money

Bitcoin cryptocurrency volatility update Bitcoin volatility continues. The cryptocurrency fell to a low of around $9,800.00 on Tuesday (2nd. July 2019), that’s approximately a $4,400 drop from its most recent high of $14,200 (26th. June 2019). Bitcoin started its plummet on Wednesday, crashing nearly $2,000 in minutes as a problem was allegedly reported at Coinbase, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Bitcoin has still managed to soar about 200% this year so far.

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Bitcoin bursts through $14,000.00 only to dramatically drop $1,800.00 in minutes at markets close


As U.S. markets closed Wednesday 26th June 2019 Bitcoin burst through $14,000.00 touching $14,200.00 – only to dramatically fall by $1,800.00 to $12,200.00 in minutes. Despite such a dramatic fall Bitcoin is still holding on to substantial gains at a 17 month high. But this incident does, however, demonstrate the potential volatility of trading Bitcoin. A $1,800.00 drop in 2 minutes, ouch! While Bitcoin’s price moves can be volatile – it is being suggested the current bitcoin bounce is linked to Facebook’s announcement of its own cryptocurrency project. Key technical…

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