U.S. stocks record high

U.S. markets climbed to new highs Wednesday as the post pandemic upward momentum gained strength As the U.S. economy re-opens at break neck speed, financial rewards continue to flood the stock market. U.S.monetary and fiscal policy backed up with a tsunami of Fed ‘easy’ money have dramatically helped the economicRead More →

China stocks

The retail investor China’s stock markets are primarily made up of retail investors – that is non professional investors – wealthy individuals, as opposed to institutional investors. It is reported that the retail investor in China own in the region of 80% of ‘A’ class shares on the Shanghai stockRead More →

Stock Market

Scheduled events Australia unemployment data comes in far better than expected creating nearly 29,000 jobs against consensus of 15,000. EU – ECB interest rate decision due at: 12:45 GMT followed by monetary policy statement at: 13:30 GMT U.S. – Unemployment ‘jobless’ claim data due at: 13:30 GMT Japan – BoJRead More →