Gold, a solid investment

Gold Reserves

Gold as a safe haven It is a well known fact that gold becomes a safe haven during uncertain times, and these are uncertain times. So it’s no surprise then that gold has increased in value during this period. At its highest in recent weeks, gold has reached: $1766 per troy ounce. Governments around the world struggle to re-open their closed economies as the coronavirus pandemic wreaked untold damage as it ravaged through nations forcing world-wide lockdowns. Gold, once again became a safe haven. Despite the stock market recovery since…

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Gold rush to a safe haven?

In June the price of gold hit a six year high and trickled above $1,400 Amid growing fears of an interest rate cut leaving savers with even lower returns and with concerns that the stock market is slowing, more and more investors are turning to gold as a safe haven. Economic uncertainty Gold has always been a favourite for investors to retreat to in times of uncertainty. And, at the moment we have plenty of that! From concerns of interest rate cuts, trade wars and tariff tantrums to failed investment…

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Sterling sinks, FTSE 100 rises, gold up


Sterling The value of sterling slipped Wednesday 3rd. July 2019 after the Bank of England warned that a global trade war and a no-deal Brexit were growing risks to the UK’s economy and may require a response. FTSE 100 The FTSE pushed up to touch 7620 in intra-day trading as investors enjoyed the idea of a possible Bank of England rate cut. Investors will closely watch the news for any hint of an imminent rate cut as they combine this news with the gloomy service sector data released earlier today…

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Gold slips below $1,400.00 as trade talks resume between U.S. and China

The price of gold per ounce slipped back after U.S. and China agreed to resume trade talks. Safe-havens are in less demand as equity markets received a lift from the trade truce agreed Saturday 29th. June 2019 between President Trump and President Xi Jingping at the G-20. GOLD: $1,390.00 at 15:00 (BST) 1st July 2019 The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 are breaking record highs on the back of this news. My fear is that this climb will not continue today. DOW has touched 26885 & The…

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