One minute the virus isn’t a problem, when it is – then it is a problem, when it isn’t! What the hell? (As far as the stock market is concerned)


Stocks tumble on delta variant fears Stock markets took a hit Monday 19th July 2021, as the headlines read, ‘Dow tumbles 900 points on concern of a Covid rebound‘. Is Covid entirely to blame for this fall? No, not entirely. Fickle highs? So, why now, after all – the virus hasn’t bothered stocks since the massive fall in March 2020 – as stock momentum and economic recovery went into overdrive and pushed the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq to new record highs. U.S. stocks fell aggressively Monday on concern a…

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Time to take another bite into FANNG stocks again?


Tech stocks retreat over recent weeks and start what might become a quick recovery. Is it time to buy back in to FANNG stocks after the pullback? FANNG time again? Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google (other good tech companies available) – is it time to buy again? Well… if you accept that interest rate concerns of the past few weeks on pause, and that with more U.S. stimulus about to flood the financial system again, then yes it’s probably a good time to stock up. Bond yields appear to…

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Gold gains ground as stocks stagnate


Gold is a clear winner from the pandemic Gold was initially sold off in February and during the early part of March. But since then gold has made substantial progress from the March lows, mostly due to central bank stimulus activity. Gold was around $1775.00 as of Wednesday 24th June. Stocks fall flat After a strong bounce on Tuesday 23rd, European markets opened lower Wednesday 24th June, with the FTSE 100 slipping back under 6,300. The DAX was also weaker and broke down through support at 12,400. The Dow is…

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Did the market get ahead of itself?

Tech stock sell off

Stocks select reverse gear U.S. and global stocks went into free fall on 11th June 2020 as the Dow recorded a 1800 point drop in one session, and as investors mull COVID-19 spikes, the Fed’s outlook and jobless claims data. The Fed promised it will keep interest rates low until 2022. Now this type of statement is usually music to Wall Street’s ears, but not this time, as markets unravel. Outlook not looking so good Did the market get way too far ahead of itself and is it now reacting…

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Sell in May – stay away, how did the month of May shape up?

Stock markets up

We all know the old adage, ‘sell in May and stay away‘, and there is some truth to it – but not for this May it would appear. Many indices saw good gains. So where now in June? Stocks closed out the month with good gains across the board, building on very healthy gains in April. The Dow and S&P 500 both rose more than 4% while the Nasdaq was up nearly 7%., with the Dax up just under 7% for the month. Indices gain in May The Dow opened…

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Stocks continue surge despite economic concerns

Stock Market

Tensions between the U.S. and China flared up further again today. China reportedly rejected a U.S. proposal for the Security Council to meet over the issue, whilst U.S. secretary of state Mike Pompeo declared that Hong Kong is no longer autonomous from Beijing. This morning China is also reported to have approved the controversial security legislation for HK. Tensions are showing signs they could bubble up even more and potentially boil over – I worry about an embattled U.S. president in this election year facing a national crisis at home and what he may…

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Global stocks continue to ride hope of pandemic recovery

Virus vs the Markets

Too fast too soon? Blind hope or sensible policy? Governments around the world attempt re-opening, but is it too early? Will we be hit with a second wave of the coronavirus? Hope is that the worst of the pandemic is behind us now. How can we know? What does the science say? According to the WHO, we should be very cautious and prepare for a second wave as infections are expected to spike. But for the moment, markets appear very happy with recovery hopes and of the recent vaccine news.…

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Euro zone GDP slows in the fourth quarter, Germany stagnates

European Union GDP

Germany’s economy stagnated in the 4th quarter Germany released GDP data today, 14th February 2020 for the 4th quarter, showing there was no growth in Q4 2019 and that the annualised rate of growth was just 0.4%. A report in the FT estimates that this will drag down growth in the Eurozone to its slowest in 7 years. Not good. Bad GDP figures rewarded by good DAX figures? -The German DAX was up at: 13785 – 10:15am 14th February 2020. Eurozone GDP The EU’s GDP – in the 19 countries…

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Stocks surge again to set new record highs in shadow of coronavirus (COVID-19), 12th February 2020

Stock grind higher

Stocks up – shrug of coronavirus Stocks yet again set new records ignoring the potential threat of the coronavirus – (COVID-19). Despite the worrying number o uncertainties the virus brings with it, and there are many, stocks climb ever higher! This may be for a number of reasons:- Central banks preparedness to act and prop up economies using interest rate cuts and monetary stimulus is never far away – it’s as if there is nothing to fear. Good news – bad news, bad news, good news. Never fear, a central…

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European stock markets climb, U.S. and global futures surge on reports of new coronavirus treatment

Mask up against virus

Global futures surge and European stocks climb on reports from China of a new treatment for the coronavirus Coronavirus treatment? Unconfirmed report China Global Television Network (CGTN) – covering a report from China’s Changjiang daily, note researchers are reported to have discovered that a combination of two drugs, as a treatment, is more effective in the fight against the coronavirus than previous treatments. Breakthrough? In another update it has been reported that progress has been made in the U.K. on creating a vaccine. A breakthrough that may allow a dramatic…

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