Mask up against virus

European stock markets climb, U.S. and global futures surge on reports of new coronavirus treatment

Global futures surge and European stocks climb on reports from China of a new treatment for the coronavirus

Coronavirus treatment? Unconfirmed report

China Global Television Network (CGTN) – covering a report from China’s Changjiang daily, note researchers are reported to have discovered that a combination of two drugs, as a treatment, is more effective in the fight against the coronavirus than previous treatments.

Affect on coronavirus on global markets


In another update it has been reported that progress has been made in the U.K. on creating a vaccine. A breakthrough that may allow a dramatic cut in development time of a vaccine – from two to three years down to just 14 days!

Financial stimulus

China’s central banking system maintains liquidity as monetary stimulus is put in place.


In a later report the World Health Organisation (WHO) – has played down media reports of a breakthrough against the coronavirus outbreak, saying there are ‘no known’ drug treatments against the virus.

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