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Optimism over potential U.S. – China trade deal talks returns. Daily market moving news & events roundup, 30th August 2019

Market moving daily news roundup – events & news likely to move markets 30th August 2019

Company performance, economic and political events but especially market sentiment will always influence market movement, good or bad.


Economic calendar – scheduled news and events 30th August 2019

UK – consumer confidence reading due

Japan – consumer price index data due & retail trade data

Japan – jobs, unemployment data due

Germany – retail sales data due

UK – consumer credit data due

EU – consumer price index data due

EU – unemployment data due

Italy – GDP data due

U.S. – personal spending and personal income data due

Canada – GDP data due

U.S. – consumer sentiment reading due

U.S. – China trade war – time for optimism?

I don’t know if I would call it optimism or maybe less pessimism, but whatever, markets have reacted positively to a more conciliatory tone set by both China and the U.S. in recent days.

Investors appear to be returning to the markets as U.S. and China seem to be prepared to open talks again. Bearing in mind that the FOMC meet again in September – traders/investors could very well be hopeful of more monetary stimulus and especially for interest rate cuts. The ECB also meet in September to set monetary policy.

Asia markets up

Asian markets up – Japan’s Nikkei index closed up at: 20704. Japan’s unemployment rate hits 27-year low but retail sales slow. Japan is the third largest economy in the world.

Share chart

UK house prices unchanged

UK house prices unchanged in August according to Nationwide data released today. Shoe Zone Plc shares tumble as CEO quits – report suggest sales targets will be missed.

FTSE 100 up

FTSE 100 gains ground for the third day in a row. Mortgage lending increases in July 2019 according to data from the Bank of England.


Germany facing a recession?

German retail sales fell in July according to the latest data. Is Germany facing a recession? If so, will fiscal stimulus be introduced in Germany?

EU inflation figure

Eurozone inflation remains low at 1% – below the target of 2%. Sterling holds steady after gyrating downward all week. UK consumer confidence is being damaged by Brexit uncertainty.


Time for fiscal stimulus?

The ECB and FOMC all meet again in September – how likely is monetary stimulus this time round for both the EU and the U.S.?

Dow futures up 150 points at 13:50 – 30th August 2019

Huawei to go ahead with latest ‘phone launch – without Google’s operating system?

Dow opens up by over 100 points.

Dow Jones

U.S. consumer sentiment drops in August from a reading of 92.1 expected to 89.8 actual.

Stock market indices update, August 29th 2019

Closing positions of: FTSE 100, DAX, DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEI & GOLD

Main points update

Markets hold on to previous two days of gains. FTSE 100 closed up at: 7207. Dow closed up at: 26403. U.S. and China tariffs are due to start on 1st September 2019. China says not introduce more retaliatory measures for now. Trump says talks should resume. Will the Fed introduce monetary stimulus and cut interest rates in September. ECB may also introduce monetary stimulus too.

FTSE 100 – closed at: 7207

DAX – closed at: 11938

DOW – closed at: 26403

S&P 500 – closed at: 2926

NASDAQ – closed at: 7962

NIKKEI – closed at: 20704

GOLD – closed at around: $1,529

Key: Green highlight markets move up. Red highlight markets move down. All values rounded.

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