UK Parliament to be suspended – Daily market moving news & events roundup, 29th August 2019


Market moving daily news roundup – events & news likely to move markets 29th August 2019

Company performance, economic and political events but especially market sentiment will always influence market movement, good or bad.


Economic calendar – scheduled news and events 29th August 2019

Japan – bond investment data due and consumer confidence reading

France – GDP data due

Norway – GDP data due

Spain – consumer price index data due

Sweden – consumer confidence reading due

Germany – employment data due at: 09:00 BST

Italy – industrial and producer price data due at: 10:00 BST

EU – business climate data reading due at: 10:00 BST

Germany – consumer price index data due at: 13:00 BST

U.S. – GDP data due at: 13:30 BST

U.S. – Jobless claims data due at: 13:30 BST

U.S. – personal consumption data & goods trade balance data due at: 13:30 BST

U.S. – home sales data due at: 15:00 BST

U.S. – weekly and monthly bond note bill auction due between 16:30 – 18:00 BST

UK Parliament suspension

Boris Johnson announces suspension of parliament. UK businesses become even more anxious over Westminster tactics! Sterling suffers, falling by around 1%. PPI claim deadline is upon us.

U.S. – China tariffs due to start Sunday 1st September 2019. Asian markets subdued.

Micro Focus announces it will miss revenue targets – shares drop sharply. FTSE 100 climbs 70 plus points in morning trades. Dow futures up 240 pts (10:10 Thursday 29th August). S&P 500 & Nasdaq up too. Shares in sub-prime lender Amigo suffer substantial drop. UK and European indices are all up at lunchtime 29th August 2019

A petition against UK parliament suspension passes a million signatures.

U.S. stock futures up

U.S. stock indices futures show solid gains, Dow up 300 points at 13:30 29th August 2019 pointing to a good start for Wall Street after Beijing indicated it wasn’t in a rush to respond to the latest round of tariffs imposed by Trump.

In a report released Thursday, China says it is willing to resolve the trade war with a ‘calm attitude,’ and hints there will be no retaliation for now. How will Trump respond?

Forever 21 files for bankruptcy. Goals Soccer Centres go up for sale. NatWest website suffers more issues. Amigo share price almost drops by a half. Micro Focus shares drop by 30%

U.S. GDP figures revised down slightly from 2.1% to 2%. A number of U.S. footwear firms have asked Trump to scrap new tariffs. Figures show Brazil’s economy grew by 0.4% in Q2, dispelling conerns that the country was in a recession.

U.S. markets jump at open and maintain upward trend from the off! Dow reached: 26390 at 18:55 BST 29th August 2019 – that’s up close to 400 points on the day. FTSE 100 closes up 1% at 7182.

Stock market indices update, August 29th 2019

Closing positions of: FTSE 100, DAX, DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEI & GOLD

Main points update

U.S. – China tariffs are due to start on 1st September 2019. Recession on the horizon? Will the Fed introduce monetary stimulus and cut interest rate in September. ECB may also plan some stimulus measures.

FTSE 100 – closed at: 7184

DAX – closed at: 11839

DOW – closed at: 26362

S&P 500 – closed at: 2924

NASDAQ – closed at: 7973

NIKKEI – closed at: 20461

GOLD – closed at around: $1,532

Key: Green highlight markets move up. Red highlight markets move down. All values rounded.

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