Stock markets update Friday 12th. July 2019, U.S. indices at record highs!

Closing positions of: DOW, FTSE 100, S&P 500, DAX, NASDAQ, NIKKEI & GOLD

I trade these indices on a regular basis

FTSE 100 – closed at: 7506 (down)

DAX – closed at: 12323 (down)

DOW – closed at: 27332 (up) – RECORD HIGH!

S&P 500 – closed at: 3014 (up) – RECORD HIGH!

NASDAQ – closed at: 8244 (up) – RECORD HIGH!

NIKKEI – closed at: 21686 (up)

GOLD – closed at: $1,415.5 (UP)

U.S. stock markets propelled to record highs, buoyed by Fed rate cut probability

DOW adds 244 PTS to close at 27332. It’s highest ever!

The main U.S. indices pushed ever higher on Friday 12th July 2019 to new all time highs as the markets rejoice in Fed’s strongest signal yet of an interest rate cut.

The Fed’s softer approach is driving the markets up in the face of a perceived global economic slowdown. The expectation of an interest rate cut continues to propel U.S. indices to record highs!

The Fed, the economy and me

In one fell swoop the Fed takes control of the U.S. economy indicating it will protect it with more easy money. Is this needed? Is the U.S. economy really that close to a slowdown? Or, is fear of failure driving the decision? Trump pressure? Is it a pre-emptive ‘just in case’ strike?

Is the latest economic data really that bad? Look at the recent job data report– wasn’t this better than expected with employment close to an all time high? Maybe there is a trend here? The Fed is clearly more worried about the economy than I can see? All I know is the markets are marching ever higher regardless!

Investor expectations for lower rates persist despite the recent release of stronger-than-expected economic data. The producer and consumer price indices, two widely followed measures of inflation, were also better than expected in June 2019.

Trade war, tariffs and company results

Trade war and tariff concerns between U.S. and China remain. And U.S. company results are due to start next week. Will this spoil the party?

Trump says, in a tweet, he is not a fan of cryptocurrency including Facebook’s latest creation, Libra.

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