Stock market update 5th August 2019 – global markets sea of red

China stock market

Global stock markets experienced significant falls as U.S. – China trade war moves up a notch sparking world wide sell-off. Don’t think the market panic button has been pressed yet. But market volatility has certainly returned.

Dow futures fall below 25100

The Dow closed down at: 25718 and later Dow futures dropped below 25100. Asian markets fall with the NIKKEI dropping below 20000. China’s Yuan dropped spooking stocks markets further.

Closing positions of: FTSE 100, DAX, DOW, S&P 500, NASDAQ, NIKKEI & GOLD

FTSE 100 – closed at: 7224 (down)

DAX – closed at: 11658 (down)

DOW – closed at: 25718 (down)

S&P 500 – closed at: 2845 (down)

NASDAQ – closed at: 7726 (down)

NIKKEI – closed at: 20720 (down)

GOLD – closed at around: $1,475 (up)

I trade these indices on a regular basis


After hours trading saw the Dow fall to: 25075. Japan’s NIKKEI fall to: 19923 and the FTSE 100 drop to: 7057. At one point the S&P 500 fell back as low as: 2776.

The yuan dropped to below the magical $7.00 mark – rattling global stock markets and prompting the U.S. to suggest the country is a ‘currency manipulator’. Surely this type of rhetoric just doesn’t help! Much harder to achieve a deal that mutually benefits all.

What do you do if you are backed in to a corner?

Gold moves up as safe haven sought.

Who started this ‘trade war’ anyway?

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