One minute the virus isn’t a problem, when it is – then it is a problem, when it isn’t! What the hell? (As far as the stock market is concerned)


Stocks tumble on delta variant fears Stock markets took a hit Monday 19th July 2021, as the headlines read, ‘Dow tumbles 900 points on concern of a Covid rebound‘. Is Covid entirely to blame for this fall? No, not entirely. Fickle highs? So, why now, after all – the virus hasn’t bothered stocks since the massive fall in March 2020 – as stock momentum and economic recovery went into overdrive and pushed the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq to new record highs. U.S. stocks fell aggressively Monday on concern a…

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China coronavirus fears mount as stocks tumble

China stocks fall

Chinese stocks sink 8% on first day of trading since 23rd January, amidst coronavirus scare Sharp drop but not shocking! Investor’s fears were realised after traders returned to their desks after an extended holiday period. Chinese officials attempted to allay panic selling before trading resumed by injecting liquidity into the money markets. On Sunday 2nd January 2020 – the Peoples Bank of China unveiled plans to add 150 billion yuan into the banking system to help fight against the affect the coronavirus may have on the markets. To add more…

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Global stocks rocked as coronavirus spreads

Stocks fall

Stock markets fall Asian stocks drop as mounting concerns of the coronavirus take hold and investors fret over the potential harm to global economies. Markets around the world fell sharply on Monday. Japan’s Nikkei index fell by 2%. The FTSE 100 was down by 1.75%. European indices also suffer big falls. Germany’s Dax was down by 2% as at 14:30 GMT. Stock markets in China are closed for the New Year holiday period – reports suggest they will remain closed until February. Futures show big falls. Dow opens down some…

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